Maineiac Training Presents our newest class

The Shorthanded, Offensive Aerial Operator

 This class will challenge the seasoned operator and provide insite on having an aggressive mindset to aerial operations. We will discuss how we handle being shorthanded and how to still remain aggressive. This 16 hour class can also be presented in a lecture only class.

Our Classes



Possibly the fastest way to our victims. Maybe one of the safest. Come learn or sharpen the skills it takes to  be effective and proficient.


Aggressive Search

We are here for one reason. THEM. This class will help put you where you need to be to save THEM! 


Forcible Entry

Come sharpen the skills it takes to gain access to our victims. If we can't get in, we can't help THEM!


Roof Ops and Vent

The best way to exhaust the heat and toxic gases is to get to the roof! We will show several techniques and different types of cuts to effectively perform roof operations and Vent.


Street Smart Ground Ladders

Everything ground ladders. From carries and drags to raises to climbing. Lines over ladders and more!


Self Rescue

Plain and simple, if you get in trouble, you gota be able to help yourself. 


Ladder Company Operations

All aspects of the Ladder Company. This 16 hour class puts it all together. We touch on each of the disciplines of the Ladder/Truck company. This intense two day class will sharpen your skills and teach you some new ones.


Hose Advancement & Searching off the line

When making that initial push don't forget the search. Searching off the first line is imperative for their survival. 


Come Train With Us!

All of our classes are offered in multiple formats. Lecture only or Full hands on training, Hands on Only. You name it. E Mail or hit "The Button" below today for a quote.