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Exciting news

A Day of Firemanship!

Coming this fall, we will be hosting Fall Firemanship Day. We have 3 National speakers coming to spread their passion for the Fire Service

Travis Mills Foundation

All proceeds will be donated to the Travis Mills Foundation

Keep checking back!

Keep checking back here as we will update info on when, where and who!

Roof and VES prop

Monthly Drill?

We will come to your monthly drill

Not just roof and ves

We can bring several other props. We have a window bar prop, a garage door prop and a standard entry door prop.

Host Departments

We are always looking for host departments to run programs. When you host an open program your department will get at least 2 free spots!!

About Us

Outstanding "Real World" Scenarios


Realistic training that will challenge the mental and physical abilities of the most seasoned Firefighters!

Reaching out to all of New England


We travel all through New England and beyond to provide outstanding training oppertunities to help make your Firefighters the best they can be!

Passing it on


Our instructors have years of practical field experience and are ready to help you add a few more tools to your mental toolbox. Let us pass on our knowledge to the Firefighters in your department. 

What's coming up?

May 31, June 1

Real World Extrication

Alfred ME

July 26,27,28

Ladder Ops/Search

Newport ME

September 2019

A Day of Firemanship

Waterville ME

More to follow!!

Hot Classes

 Come Train with us! We have a wide variety of HOT classes available. Our Cadre will pass on years of real world  experience in the art of our craft. 

Your Next Class?

We are booking fast! Contact us now to get your next class on our schedule.

Training Talks 2019


We will be offering our Training Talks Series all year. These topics can lead into any hands on class. They are great for a training night. We provide light refreshments as we pass on the art of our craft. 

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Training Talks

Come Train with us!

The cost of our training talks is $35 per person. Classes typically last between 2 & 3 hours. All of these classes can lead into a HOT class. (hands on training)

In our classroom sessions we will keep the class size small to help keep it a conversation versus a lecture.  We will also provide light refreshments for these classes.

Be a host department!

The host department will get at least 2 free slots. The class limit is 24. Click at the bottom of the page or e mail me,

Maineiac Training Talks

Search Culture, Searching for THEM

Search Culture, searching for them is a talk about how we  search. We will talk about VES and other types of searches. Stats on where we find them and their  survivability rates. Come and be part of the conversation on searching for THEM

Roof Operations, Gaining higher ground

A conversation on roof operations and ventilation.  When to and not to vent vertically. Coordinated operations with the interior crew knowing when and where to vent. Come join the higher ground of Roof Operations!

Street Smart Ladders, This is a trade not a trick!

With manpower at an all time low we are expected to do more with less. One area that suffers is ladder work. Come talk about and learn how to make short work of your ground laddering.

Our Classes

Real World Extrication

Our bread and butter class. Train for the real deal. The cars are really damaged like they have been involved in an accident. We do day and night classes to make it as real as possible!

Basic and Advanced Extication

Did your department just purchase a new Hydraulic or Battery operated rescue tool? Then these are the classes to get you started. Start with the basic and work your way into advanced.

Contact us today!!

Other classes include Heavy Rescue, Bus extrication, Farm and construction vehicle extrication. Coming soon High and low angle vehicle extrication!!

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One of the most important classes you could take! Learn techniques to help you identify when and where to VEIS!! This is why we do what we do, to SAVE LIVES!

Ladder Company Operations

Forcible Entry, Search, Vent, Ground ladder operations and more. Get the real world experience from those who do it every day!

Ladder Up! NEW CLASS!!

This class is the complete deal, all you want to know about ladders and more. From ground ladders to the aerial, we focus on real world use and scenerios.

Goin to the roof!

Vertical ventilation is arguably the best way to release the smoke, heat and toxic gases.Let us help you sharpen your ventilation techniques. 

Forcible Entry

Learn the in's and out's of FE. From Lightweight construction doors to Fort Knox we will show you tricks of the trade to make entry.

Searching for them!

The number one reason we do this job is for them. Come learn how to aggressively  search for those we swear to protect.

Where have we been?

"Outside the box"???


Troys Crew at 2018 CMFAS, see the Gallery above for more Spring 2018 CMFAS photos.

York County Chief's School 2018


A little stack action in York County.

Goodwins Mills, Maine


Our good friend "6" working in a tight spot.

Where have we been?

Boothbay Fire Dept.


Extrication with Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor and Southport Fire Departments along with Tri County Fire Training!

Ladder Company Ops


Troy talking roof ops

Ladder Company Ops


Pablo talking about forcible entry 

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